Friday, April 03, 2009

Wicked Game Now Available in Mass Market Paperback

Jeri Smith-Ready's book Wicked Game is now available in mass market paperback so if you haven't picked it up yet you can grab it and save a little cash.

Here is the beginning of my Quality Time column about Wicked Game:

I was just sorting through some books in my bookcase and I picked up my copy of Wicked Game, by Jeri Smith-Ready, and was surprised to realize I'd never mentioned it in this column. It's a fun read, a romantic story that throws confidence tricksters, vampires and rock and roll together to create a compelling story.

One of the more interesting elements of vampire lore is the idea that vampires are obsessive compulsive. There's an old piece of advice that says if you're trapped by a vampire throw some poppy seeds or rice onto the floor and the vampire will have to stop whatever it's doing (like, yanno, feeding from you) and pick up every seed or grain, counting each one. (In an interesting correlation Cinderella's stepmother does something similar to her to keep her from going to the ball. She throws peas and lintels into the fireplace and tells Cinderella she can go to the ball after she sorts every last one out. Does this mean Cinderella is a vampire? That's an interesting thought and doesn't bode well for the prince does it? But I digress.) Ms. Smith-Ready takes this idea and uses it to build a world where vampires get stuck, unable to change or grow with the times, bewildered and unable to cope as the world moves on. These stagnant vampires mentally fade away as they fall further and further behind. Even a vampire that is quite young, only a decade or so undead, will have trouble in day to day "life", constantly having to fight their OCD.




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