Friday, November 20, 2009

The Prisoner

I'm still watching the original Prisoner, trying to get through a couple of episodes a day to get them all seen before they vanish from On Demand. I'm currently watching Hammer Into Anvil, which is brilliant in its cat and mouse ways.

Psychological warfare of a sort is a popular motif in entertainment and it's easy to get it wrong. I did the play Angel Street years ago, which the movie Gaslight is based on, and that was kind of uneven, if fun.

This is just diabolical. I wouldn't want to mess with Number Six. I also wouldn't want to be anyone Number Six speaks to in this episode as they're all endangered.

In other news I signed a disclosure today for the house we've put an offer on. I guess the seller needs that before they can even look at our offer. How do they know where to send the disclosure if they can't look at the offer? I don't know. The world of real property is bursting with paradoxes.

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