Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More about the snow

Here's another look at the snow from across the pond.

I'm kind of frustrated by the comments like the one about living in Russia or from other people who live in areas that get lots of snow every year.

Those other climes can deal with these kinds of snowfalls because they do deal with them. And their modifications work right through the season. You can slap snow chains on your car when you live in a very wintry, snowy area and then go out. Here not only does nobody have snow chains but if we did we'd only use them every ten years or so. The last time we had weather like this was sometime between 1995 and 1998, when we lived in the house in the woods and ended up with three or four feet of snow and couldn't leave our house for days. No food could come in and the Safeway within walking distance of our house literally ran out of food.

Governments and people prepare for what's usual, with some preparations for extremes and emergencies. It would be wasteful for everyone to own snowsuits (or whatever adults wear) and snow chains and other extreme weather gear when it would be rarely used. And it would be silly for the local governments, which are already running on a limited budget, to spend money continuing to plow during the storm when the plow resources will be better spent after the storm runs its course.

That's what I think anyway. Of course I'm not an expert. But I've lived here for 25 years and only twice have I felt like I've been stuck in my house because of the snow for any length of time.



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