Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's Try This One More Time

Sunday we decided to put an offer on a house that is a foreclosure and needs some work. I was going to offer about fifteen percent less than the bank wanted for it and I signed the contract but then my Realtor realized we were missing a page so she couldn't submit. As I was waiting for her to fax them over to us a house I'd liked before that was too expensive suddenly relisted.

This is a house that has been steadily dropping in price for the past year and a half and was now 2o thousand less than two weeks ago, when it went off the market. So we went to see it last night and it's a bit mad, like me. The three car garage has been converted into an office or clubhouse and the house itself could be used as one house, two units or even three, depending on what you do with the doors. There are actually four separate entrance/exits to the home, not counting the fifth to the ex-garage in the back. The landscaping is fabulous, with pink cherry blossoms at the height of perfection in front of the house.

I signed another contract today and we'll see. There is something in the basement that could be mold, or maybe not. If it's not then everything will be groovy and we should be able to move around the beginning of June, which works well as school gets out at the end of May.

And then? A wonderful summer!



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