Saturday, May 15, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

We're sort of stuck with the housebuying process, with ongoing negotiations, which is still making it hard to get on with things.

I wrote a six hundred word story today as a writing exercise, as part of @JaneEspenson's writing sprint. That was fun and went well.

There was a tornado warning at seven, with orders to take cover for forty minutes. Cam was at youth group so they all took shelter in the church and Cullen was at school so out of the path.

I'm working on a knit hat for little Cullen, the boy who is named after my Cullen, who is just about a year old. I haven't made anything that small in a long time so it's a bit odd but fun.

It looks like I'm getting another cold. I've been coughing all day. It's only been three weeks or so since I got over the never ending cough I got a couple of days after the Super Bowl so I'm not too thrilled about this. Hopefully this one will go away pretty quickly.

Finals coming up in the next couple of weeks. Prom is on the 22nd and then graduation on the 27th. Then if we can get the house taken care of and move I can relax for a bit.



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