Saturday, December 04, 2010

Stories that don't go anywhere

Have you seen the commercial on Soapnet about Sonny, Brenda and Dante on General Hospital? I don't watch the show myself - I did in the early 80s with my grandmother until she died, then again in 2002 with Danny until he died; I'm sure you see the pattern and why I'm not inclined to watch it anymore.

Anyway, the commercial has this song from the video I'm embedding and it's about one character finding out about a secret the other two kept. Its a great ad as there is lots of drama and conflict and the song bits work nicely, so nicely I looked the video up.

The video is terrible. Nothing happens. There is no story and no character development. There are some emo people and they sit around and long for something and a couple of them walk around but that's it. The most dynamic thing happening is a bird takes off.

Of course music videos don't have to tell a story but this one seems to want to and doesn't manage it. When a commercial for a soap opera is more compelling than the actual video maybe you're doing it wrong.



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