Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seeking Information re Hit and Run

Last week there were two hit and run accidents about fifteen minutes apart, both occurring near my house. Both cases involved vehicles versus bicycles and in one case the victim died of his injuries.

He was struck in Brooklyn Park and the woman that hit him got out of her car, looked at him, jumped back in the car and drove away. She was wearing pink scrubs at eight am, which indicates she works in the medical field. Yes, it's inconceivable that someone who works in the health industry would harm someone and leave them in desperate need of care.

There is a cash reward for information regarding this crime. Almost every day there has been an update on this case, so it sounds like witnesses are stepping forward, but so far the culprit hasn't been caught.

Information including sample photographs of the type of car she may have been driving can be found here:

I think it's smart to run the images of the style of car as I have no idea what these cars look like.

I'm hoping someone will spot the car, which is likely severely damaged, and report it. Everyone I know here is upset about this incident. It just doesn't make any sense.



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