Saturday, April 04, 2009

Saturday Cat Blogging

My cat Titan is old, arthritic and diabetic. He is also in the habit of going through spells where he pees all over everything, which is of course maddening. Today he started to pee on the carpet and Cam grabbed him and threw him into his litterbox. He walked back out and peed on my copy of Alan Moore's From Hell.

Our vet tells us to lock him in the bathroom when he gets like this and keep him in there until he only uses his box. But we only have one bathroom and sharing it with a large, grouchy, pissing cat is not fun. I bought a baby gate and a new bed for him and I'm going to lock him in the kitchen and see how that goes. He's got an appointment with the vet on Thursday for his glucose curves and I'll get him checked out for an infection then but I suspect he's just being annoying.



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