Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Script Frenzy 2009 Halfway Mark

I'm slogging along on my script for Script Frenzy. As I may have mentioned it's about a girl called Zed who was raised in a secluded compound, either on an island or in a canyon, depending on what page of the script you're on (remember first drafts are great for changing your mind about what's going on). Her grandfather is the one raising her and he realizes that when he dies she'll be alone with his corpse, which will soon rise.

He builds her a robot called Beau, then leaves, so that she won't have to put a bullet through his skull. She goes in search of him and discovers there are no zombies. He's delusional and most of what she thought about the world is wrong.

I'm more than halfway finished in terms of page count but not really in terms of story. Mostly because I haven't really had the chance to figure out the story. Is it a mystery? A girl lost in a strange world story? A whoa, your parents are really alive and deal with that story? I've tried a couple of different paths and am still not quite sure.

At one point she kidnapped a young child because his parents hadn't taught him how to fight zombies. I still think this is a funny idea but the real world implications are pretty serious and I imagine she'd end up somewhere pretty bleak like jail, a foster home or a mental institute while her robot friend is dissected so that doesn't really fit the whole comedy theme.

Of course she could encounter some real zombies but isn't that a little predictable? So many choices, so few days left in April.

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