Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Getting slightly caught up

I'm finally starting to get a little caught up after Script Frenzy. Paid most of my bills today, wrote half of my column for Friday, worked out, took Cam to get his allergy shot, watched a funny video about cats, that sort of thing.

I'm reading the second Sookie Stackhouse novel and enjoying it very much. Sookie's a firecracker and doesn't take crap, despite her appearance and attempts to be polite. Although again, if it were me I'd take the werewolf over the vampire. He's more interesting, at least to me.

Speaking of werewolves over vamps, I saw the boy who is going to play the werewolf in the second Twilight film and he's okay. The dude who plays Edward Cullen is mucho creepy but this actor looks right for the part. I'll be curious to see how he goes over.

And now my Cullen is home from school. CYA.



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