Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chores, chores, chores

I went out into the wide world today to get some chores done. Cam to allergist for shot. Car to shop for oil change and flush the radiator. Grocery store and gas station.

It's been quite hot all of a sudden, in fact the noon news said the harbor was 885 degrees, which was a bit frightening. I nearly took a photo of my television but I'm too dumb to work the camera so didn't. Anyway, when it's hot, esp when it suddenly gets hot, as it did this week, going from fifty to ninety in a day, I get sicker. Since it's water pressure in my brain making me sick (as well as scarring from meningitis, which makes it hard for the little veins, arteries and capillaries to pick up the spinal fluid and carry it off) I get worse when it's hot and the heat makes me retain water.

So everywhere we went I was unable to function. The guy says debit or credit when I give him my card and I don't know what that means. Someone asks me to sign and I sign in the wrong place. Someone else asks me to write down my email address and I don't remembere how to write. It's been fun!

I'm pretty lucky I live in the age of the computer. Of course I'd be even luckier if I lived in the age of the BrainPal. Ah well. One day.



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