Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Grim News

As previously blogged this has been a difficult week. Cullen and Cam's friend is in jail on murder charges, on suicide watch. But that's not all that happened at school. A girl, who was "covered in blood" banged on the door of Cam's gym class begging for help. Yesterday the rumor was she had been raped as well as whatever caused her extensive lacerations. There's one more thing which I'll get to in a minute. With all these rumors I Googled then name of their school and found this article, which essentially says nothing at all. It's possibly the vaguest thing I've ever read.

The other rumor going around school is that on the anniversary of Columbine some kids with guns and a list came to school but were stopped. I can't find anything like that in the news but then again not everything that happens at school is reported. When the gun went off a few years ago there was no report for several days and then when a story did run it said no students were anywhere near the gun. I know that's not true because Cullen was there, getting a drink of water, and had to hide behind a bank of lockers for several hours.

I'm guessing the anniversary thing is just a rumor but who knows. There has certainly been plenty of chaos recently.



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