Monday, April 20, 2009

Two Important Questions for the Day

Number one - if you have a cavity filled in your canine do you automatically become disqualified from becoming a vampire? Only those teeth are pretty important for biting and drinking, if you follow me.

The other question, which I had to answer today, is would you pay about eighty bucks for laughing gas? Pros - laughing gas helps me get through the dentist visit without throwing up or fainting (both things that happen when I'm stressed since my brain swelled up). It also really allows me to relax. I've actually fallen asleep while getting work done in the past, even with all that equipment jammed in my mouth. Because I have an easily triggered gag reflex I can spend a lot of time worrying about gagging and choking while I've got the dam and such in my mouth. With the laughing gas the more nervous I get the deeper I breathe and the better I feel.

Con - eighty bucks is a lot of money. Esp with me owing almost five hundred dollars for my cat, who didn't even survive his illness. It's all kind of depressing.

I opted to try to get my filling without the gas, with the option of using it if I got panicky. It was a pretty quick job with very little drilling and I made it sans gas, barfing or fainting. My dentist is made of awesome.

Looking for a career that combines science and art? Dentistry might be for you. Building fillings, crowns and whatnot is actually quite artistic. My dentist got to blend two different colors of filling to match my tooth today. Good times.



At 7:55 PM, Blogger SweetGirl said...

I had to go to the dentist to have fillings done a couple months ago and I dread the dentist more than anything. I didn't have to have laughing gas in fact I don't think my dentist does that, maybe they have some different way.

But as nervous as I was, it was not as bad as my imagination led me to believe.

I remember growing up though the dentist had to pull my baby wisdom teeth because my roots are so deep it didn't want to come out and my grown up wisdom teeth wanted to come out. I guess the dentist saw how nervous i was with the combination of my wisdom teeth roots being so deep, he removed it at the hospital and I was asleep through it.

Thank god, I know I couldn't have handled that in the dentist office even with laughing gas or my mouth frozen.

since you commented on my blog I figured I would return the favour.

Have a nice day.

At 10:37 PM, Blogger Georgiana said...

Getting your wisdom teeth out can be awful. Thank goodness your dentist put you to sleep first. I've heard some bad stories from people who were awake.

Just another example of how good your health care is! Sounds like you didn't have to worry too much about how much it was going to cost you.

Thanks for commenting. Hope BEDA is going well for you.


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