Sunday, June 21, 2009

The movie I'd least like to see

A lot of movies that are clearly not meant for me come out every year (Angels and Demons comes to mind) and most of them don't really stir any emotion at all. Some of the trailers I see really press the old loathe button and I scoff every time I see any mention of the film. My Sister's Keeper is currently at the top of the list of films I want to avoid.

As a mother of a child who may need a kidney transplant someday I'm particularly annoyed by the negative connotions of donating a kidney, a procedure that doesn't appear to harm the giver at all. (Did you know LaVar Burton gave one to his mom? He's beyond awesome.)

I finally looked the thing up to make sure I was understanding the plot and it's a MILLION times worse than I thought it was. Talk about manipulating and sentimental. Yuck.



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