Thursday, July 30, 2009

What kind of machines wrap around your head?

I finally went for my head CT scan today. With all the worrying about whether or not my insurance company was going to allow it I didn't have time to obsess over how much I hate things like that. Someone very dear to me died getting a CT scan of his head and not thinking about that is impossible.

So I try to concentrate on my breathing and ignore everything else. Do I need to say that didn't work?

Then I pretended I was doing extra work. What kind of extra work involves putting your head in a big machine? I started running down possible TV shows. Star Trek. Star Trek TNG. Warehouse 13. X-Files. Freaky Links. A bunch of others. Then I started with authors. Scalzi's work of course since there is memory transfer. Robin Wasserman's Skinned. I thought of so many that the CT scan ended before I ran out of names.

The funny thing is I never thought of any medical shows, just science fiction or paranormal.



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