Sunday, August 16, 2009

A bunch of tabs to close

I have a boatload of tabs I'd like to close. Some of them are from research on my current project and some are things people have tweeted. You can try and figure out which are which if you haven't got anything else to do. :)

A Queensland site about how to slaughter animals with captive bolts properly. Weirdest thing about it - at the bottom are some links labeled Further Information. One of them is called help and animal smile. ??? Are these cows and such meant to be smiling as they die? What kind of person designed this site? Be sure to click through and look at the deranged smiling animals.

Here's an awesome article about an older couple who round up medical care fore people all over the globe, using basically one laptop and a lot of connections.

Gyasi Ross' latest blog post entitled Native Pride Sucks, which is intriguing. Some of what he writes about can also be seen as class issues, if you ask me. It can also apply to other cultures such as with drunken people wearing Kiss me I'm Irish shirts, throwing up on the street corners and generally showing their natural behinds as my friend Dennis says.

Fantastic piece about the Mongolian Death Worm and the hunt for it. This thing is fexcellent and the story makes me deeply happy.

An absolutely fucked in the head piece about violence that compares the wrong statistics to try to make an invalid point. I can see how someone who isn't paying attention or thinking critically might be taken in. The images are also appalling. It's not journalism - it's propaganda, pure and simple.

A piece on how facial surgery may cure migraines. This is quite intriguing. I'm curious as to whether any insurance company in the USA would cover it.

The phallic logo awards. Rather amusing.

And finally a bit of history about the grave of a man I detest, Oliver Cromwell.



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