Thursday, August 06, 2009

Jumble up the Meds

Here's an excellent article about things to watch out for when taking your medication. When I worked for Dr. Olson he said that every day enough people die from iatrogenic reactions in New York City alone to fill an airplane. That's pretty scary.

I've had some of these problems myself. A pharmacist gave me the wrong meds completely. Another one gave me 1oo mgs when I was supposed to have 10 mgs.

The article doesn't mention that cranberry juice can also make certain meds stay in your body longer, which can make them stronger. Also taking fiber or calcium within two hours of medication can really affect how it is absorbed. Some medication, like thyroid medicine, should not be taken with antacids.

Research is definitely your friend when taking anything, even Tylenol, which can seriously mess with your liver.



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