Friday, August 21, 2009


I love this comic. Possibly I love it more than your average person because a patient brought some guns to my former office and held a bunch of people hostage.

(It's slightly hard to figure out how this guy fit into my life. I quit job a and went to work at job b and c simultaneously. He worked at job a, was a patient at job b and having an affair with a coworker at job c. He also borrowed the guns and ammo from my brother-in-law, who also worked at job a and was a patient at jobs b and c, muddying the waters even further. In the end he agreed to be committed and none of my coworkers were killed. My one friend spent half an hour on her knees, with a gun in the back of her head, begging for her life.)

This all happened a long time ago, well before I got my current job. But still, you don't soon forget it.



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