Thursday, October 29, 2009

Made an offer

I signed a contract today on a house. It needs loads of work so I'm asking for closing cost help and a small reduction in price, not even five percent I think, which for me, the bargain hunter, is kind of hard. I like things to be steeply discounted, esp when they're damaged.

When I say it needs a lot of work I'm not saying I can't stand the appliances (there aren't any), I'm saying that it would be impossible to live there right now because of the damage pets did to the home. All of the carpet needs to go. It's literally stiff with urine. Severely gross and a health hazard.

So we need to do that before we can move, assuming our offer is accepted.

I'm making a mental list of things we need to do and it's getting a bit daunting. Maybe I should just chill until a) I find out if our offer has been accepted and b) the home is inspected.



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