Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dental visits

Cullen and I were at the dentist again today. He was getting work done and I was taking a nap. Obviously I got the better end of that deal. We go back again tomorrow morning. We're trying to get his work done before he goes back to school next week. Chris comes to town and goes to the dentist on Friday. We're definitely doing our share to enrich her child's college fund.

I'm super busy trying to watch a bunch of movies before I cast my SAG Awards vote tomorrow. I watched both An Education and Julie and Julia today. I think I've got one left to go; Up in the Air, which I hear good things about. It will have to be amazing to beat Precious, which is a powerhouse that engaged just about every emotion known to man.

Then I'll have time to dive back into M.T. Anderson's Thirst, which is engrossing and hilarious.

Still no word on the house. Waiting to hear if the seller is going to fix the mold in the basement AND put the basement back together after.

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