Friday, January 08, 2010

Bad week for typing

This was a record week for typos in my office. One reporters spelled his own name wrong and had a big mistake in every story he sent me. One of our columnists said leaving in a cave instead of living in a cave, which puts a different spin on things. There were loads of other errors. But this headline and teaser that went out in the CU Journal Daily Briefing earlier this week takes the cake. It has so many errors it's hard to figure out what really happened.

Faulty Vault Door Stifles Robbers’ Plans

WHITTIER, Calif.–Two robbers who confronted at gunpoint an employee of Whittier Municipal Employees CU here has he arrived at work were foiled when the credit union’s value would not open.

The same reporter once said that a dead body was found surrounded by bear cans instead of beer cans. I used to proofread his stuff and catch things like that but then we were reorganized and no longer worked in the same department.



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