Monday, March 22, 2010

Stop it!

The bank that owns this house that I am obsessed over marked it down again. this time by nearly twenty thousand dollars.

Of course it doesn't matter if they were giving it away, I still wouldn't be able to afford it. I've read that restorations on historic properties can cost up to 400 dollars a square foot. Since this home clocks in at nearly 5000 square feet that's a cost of up to two million to restore it. Sure it would be amazing and probably worth it if you had the money, but I sure don't.

Cam and I took a drive up to see it a couple of weeks ago and wow, it's in even worse shape than the pictures make it look. It didn't seem to have come through the five feet plus of snow we got this winter very well.

Like all addicts I try not to think about this house and then bam, something reminds me of it or the owners try and tempt me by dropping the price! Away with thee foul pushers!



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