Sunday, June 06, 2010

Getting Ready for Summer

We're gearing up for summer at my house. School is out for everyone I think (not sure if Chris still has a final or two.) This is the first year we're finished so soon, with school usually ending in another week or so.

Chris has an art show on the 12th and is getting ready for that.

Cullen is recovering from a mad insect attack that left him with about 20 enormous bites and me insisting he take some benadryl to try and get some of the itching and swelling down.

Cam has a massively busy vacationing summer ahead of him. He goes to Cape Cod in less than two weeks. He'll be there for ten days I think then go to Alaska the day after coming back home and stay there until a couple of weeks before he starts his freshman year at college. (That's right, I'll have three kids in college this fall. Oi. And I'm planning to take a couple of classes.)

Then in the middle of all this is our move. We go to closing towards the end of the month, then we have a week to get some stuff fixed at the new house, then move. Cam will miss all of this and come home to have magically been transported to the new house, which will be kind of weird I'm thinking. We've been in this place for six years so even though it's small and cramped and annoying it's still a place we're all well used to.

I have big plans for the new house, which has some beautiful landscaping and is a single family home. Mostly they involve relaxing. On the porch, in the garden, in the rec room, etc. Good books and lemonade are what's going to make this summer special for me.



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