Saturday, June 26, 2010

What kind of bird?

Cullen said there was something interesting to see from the top floor of our new house and took me up to see it. We're at the top of a small hill so have a pretty good view. Our backyard ends in an alley, with a string of telephone poles running down along the fence line.

On top of one of the poles was a dead turkey vulture. It looked as though it had been sitting on top of the pole, lost its balance and was electrocuted. Now it was hanging from the top, wings flapping in the breeze. It was quite startling.

Then the cable guy came and installed our internets. He said he had to climb one of the poles to turn the service on. After he left the bird was gone. Did he have to take it off? How much do you get paid to do that? Because ICK.



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