Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Shoplifting Woes

I don't know who writes the Facebook/Twitter posts for my county police department but I'm often fascinated (and deeply saddened) by the posts. Here's another great example of someone getting into a lot more trouble by trying to get out of trouble.

If the shoplifter had dropped the goods, apologized and walked out of the store chances are nothing would have come of it. Even if the police had been called, charges pressed, a trial etc, the crime wasn't terrible.

Instead he assaults the clerk, flees and ends up at Shock Trauma.

Officers approached the suspect, who took off running. A citizen observed the suspect running, exited his vehicle and began to chase the suspect. The citizen was closing in on the suspect, who was paying attention to the citizen and did not see the police vehicle turning into the parking lot. The suspect suddenly changed direction and ran into the patrol car. The suspect was treated at the scene by fire department personnel and transported to Shock Trauma for further treatment of non-life threatening injuries. At this time, the 19-year-old male suspect from Pasadena remains at Shock Trauma under police guard and will be charged with Robbery, Assault, Theft and Disorderly Conduct upon his release.

You just have to roll your eyes.



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