Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Lawnmower

Now that I'm a homeowner I needed a couple of things, including a new window air conditioner and a lawnmower. Lots of things came with the house, including a gas lawnmower that didn't work (and a set of false teeth!). The previous owner said it would be fine if we got it tuned up but we weren't too thrilled about using a gas mower and were looking at better alternatives.

Then I saw this notice and we signed up. It went great. We took the last appointment of the day so we didn't have to wait in line and had no troubles at all. We were only at the stadium for fifteen minutes top and then were on our way home with an awesome battery powered mower.

Then we came home and Cam had a LAN party for eleven of his friends, which went great and everyone, including our mooch of a dog, had a great time.

The topper of the day was my blood test, which only required one stab, as opposed to the six the last test took.

Tomorrow I may head off to the Basilica in Baltimore. We'll see.



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