Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So Last Week Was Crazy

Strawberry got sick, spent the afternoon at the vet, came home and passed away during the night.

The next day my computer bit the dust, after the power cord starting sparking and burned it out.

Thursday night we went live with the changes to the websites at work, which is a fair amount of work and has left me exhausted every day.

Saturday we took George to the vet. He's got an infection from Captain Jack, or Typhoid Mary as our vet is calling him. George needed a shot and eye medicine three times daily. (Just the eye medicine three times daily, not a shot three times daily. We had to go through something like that with Titan when he had diabetes, but no more.)

Now I'm kicking back and watching Warehouse 13.

Friday morning Captain Jack goes into animal control for surgery, after which our adoption of him will be complete.

Boy, it's been a while since we had a kitten and I'd forgotten how bouncy they are. He can trash my room in under a minute. He loves to get up close to Calliope, our remaining pet rat, and get punched in the face. Rats box each other when they fight and it's funny to see Calliope's little paws punching either the cat or the giant dog. She's quite ferocious.



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