Monday, July 12, 2010

This is totally me

Carrie Ryan tweeted a link to this post, saying this is her also. I think a lot of people will recognize this cycle.

When I get overwhelmed I have a "one hard thing per day" policy. Get a blood test? That and work might be all I get done in one day. The next day I'll pay bills or get the library books together.

It's bad times when emergencies make everything run together. Today was blood test day for one of my kids as well as talk to the plumber day and pay the insurance day and clean the bathroom day.

Then Strawberry, our beige pet rat, went into respiratory distress and it was suddenly find a new vet to take her too as Dr. Gray's office said she couldn't wait the hour's drive to come and see them.

She spent the afternoon getting oxygen and antibiotics and is home now, in terrible shape. Remember how the dread Pirate Roberts would say I'll most likely kill you in the morning? She'll most likely be dead in the morning.

I feel very weird and sad about this. Usually Dr. Gray's office would put a rat to sleep if it was in such bad shape. He doesn't like them gasping for air and being scared. But then usually when they're this bad off they also have tumors and she doesn't. So maybe she'll pull through. But if the vet thinks she'll die then why let her be scared and struggling for air? It's scary times.

Maybe everything will be better in the morning. I hope so.

And maybe the plumber won't be mad that I totally forgot to call him back.



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