Thursday, July 08, 2010

Epic Fail

Today I decided it would be fun to teach Mal, the dog, to balance a dog biscuit on his nose. I was wrong. He thought I was messing with him and decided I'm an asshole.

Then I tried with the cats and the two rats, using ham. No success with any of our animals.

Captain Jack, the kitten, likes to use Mal's big head as a playtoy, batting at him with his tiny feet. So far we've been able to keep the dog from eating him. It's kind of weird that the kitten isn't at all afraid of the dog. He isn't afraid of anything, exploring like a madman, while the dog is terrified of thunder and fireworks. Mal is very brave when someone walks onto our property though and is extremely alert and on guard, not too surprising given his breed.

The electrician came today and said we need seven ground fault interrupters, which each cost about 2oo, although we get a discount if we have more than one done. Then to fix the reversed polarity in the one outlet and change the two prong outlets to three prong outlets will be fifty dollars for up to five outlets, unless there is no way to ground them, in which case we'll have pay GFI prices. He said that wasn't likely as the house wasn't built in the 20's, to which I said, yep, it was built in 1918 and his jaw dropped.

The house was renovated in the seventies so hopefully we won't have to go the super expensive route.



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