Thursday, July 01, 2010

Almost finished moving

We've been mad busy trying to get moved by the end of the month. We couldn't start the move until we had internets, since I telecommute, and our old company spent weeks saying our new house didn't exist and they didn't know if they could give us service.

I finally went with a new company, which mean no Logo so no Buffy and no on demand, which is annoying to me as I love on demand. But it is cheaper and hopefully will be more reliable.

Not only are we moving but Chris is moving from NYC and his two friends are moving and another friend is moving so it's like a giant game of musical chairs with pickup trucks, my car and my kids.

Also I adopted a dog and a kitten on Saturday, making things that much more hectic. The kitten came from a lady who was hoarding cats and then got cancer and is in the hospital so animal control took the cats. He's black with white whiskers, feet etc and is the cutest thing in the entire universe. His name is Captain Jack Harkness as everyone who meets him falls in love.

The dog is an Akita I named Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Mal for short, named of course after the character from Firefly and Serenity. So far he doesn't aim to misbehave and is amazing. He doesn't get into stuff he isn't supposed to, he doesn't chew on things (he's only one), he walks nicely on the leash (unless he sees a rabbit, then he pulls too hard), he got out when someone left the front door open and didn't run away, the opposite of the last dog I had, my greyhound who was born to run.

He sits, stays a little, lays down, shakes and doesn't beg when we're eating. He likes to be in the middle of where people are so he can keep an eye on things. He's a guarder by instinct but hasn't started obsessing over anything or anyone.

He's quite calm in temperament, which is surprising given his age and the fact that's he not yet neutered. He's scheduled for his surgery on Friday.

So far the biggest problem we've had is his fear of fireworks, which isn't exactly unusual for a dog. His initial reaction is to get up and check the house for intruders and then he stands next to me and shakes. We'll just have to make sure he feels safe for all of the noise on the fourth.



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