Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gotta disagree

I don't know who this guy is, but someone is my Twitter feed is retweeting him so I have to at least glance at his tweets.

So far he's making fun of moms (always an easy target, just pay attention to anything for five minutes and you'll hear things like "not your mother's ____") because of course we know all moms are terminally unhip. No moms read comic books (or write them - that would be INSANE) or play video games or read science fiction or go online or text or buy cutting edge tech or watch awesome tv or - well you get the picture. Moms clean, cook and complain. The three c's.

And if that weren't annoying enough there's this tweet:

Ihnatko Watching G4 Comic-Con coverage. Never have so many TV/Movie actors worn so many comic-related tees bought for them by so many publicists.
This is part of the ZOMG!! Comic Con has been RUINED by movies and TV!!! mindset that some are sporting this year.

Sure, Comic Con has changed from its beginnings but then what hasn't? It's also weird that people are so upset by screenings because many of them are comics based or have comics tie ins. Dr. Who comics exist and lots of films that are first shown at Comic Con are based on comics.

But all of that aside, this particular tweet annoys the crap out of me because it's fundamentally wrong.

I follow a bunch of actors who are at Comic Con this weekend. Most of them have shows on the SyFy channel but some of them are just involved in SF fandom and have been for years. You can't tell me Eddie McClintock and Nathan Fillion aren't comics fans. Of course they are.

But even aside from that, in general actors and people who work on sets are interested in comics. I say this because every time I've had a comic on the set I've had a hard time reading it because everyone from the director on down ask about it or comment on it. Two that generated particular buzz were Signal to Noise and the final book of the Sandman series (title escapes me), which led to me weeping like a baby during the filming of HBO's the Corner. (Although I'm laughing in the shot that made it to screen.)

Comic fans in general tend to enjoy films and television and there are loads of film and television fans who enjoy comics. It's ridiculous to think that just because someone acts for a living they no longer fit into those molds.

In short, sigh.



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