Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pretty good article about the earthquake

This piece seems to have some good information. I know there was conflicting info going around today. The Washington Monument is damaged, it's not damaged, it is damaged. Apparently it is, but it's not doing a Leaning Tower of Pisa imitations.

Our house is fine. We just had to put a few things back on the shelves and tomorrow I'll have to sort out my closet, where everything fell over for some reason. So much for storage shelves...

The ceiling at one of Cam's friend's house fell in and the same thing happened at Chris' old school. Two houses in Baltimore partially collapsed and a church was damaged.

Curious why a not so big earthquake was felt from the Carolinas all the way to Toronto? There's an explanation in the article.

Also of note - we felt it much more strongly than my boss, who is closer. Our county has very sandy ground, which allows more shaking. When I took my first responder class this is one of the things we talked about. we're prone to several problems because of the composition of the earth, including collapse while building or while little kids are digging holes. In our county you should never step into a hole that's deeper than your knee.



At 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In PA we felt it but not as others did.....or as the news presented it.
Thanks for the info and the link.
Have a truly earth-shattering day (in a good way!) :)


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