Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This gave me the willies

Today I was looking for data about bee behavior as they start to settling into the new hive once they've successfully swarmed. I was reading along, la, la, la, everything's fine, when I read this, which made me scream like a schoolgirl:

Expired Queens (Re-Queening): Beekeepers often times replace or "Re-Queen" their colonies for any number of reasons including here in the South attempting to control Africanized Honey Bee takeover. When a new Queen is introduced the old Queen must be removed. There is no better scent than an actual Queens scent. When re-queening simply pinch off the head of the old queen and drop her into a jar with just enough alcohol to cover the queen. After you have a few queens soaking in your jar place a few drops of the liquid in your trap. It doesn't get any better than the real thing.

It was the simply pinching the head off part that freaked me out. I'm not suited for the job of beekeeper. I have trouble even gardening because I feel bad for the weeds and anything I have to thin out.

EDITED to add link, which I forgot. http://saulcreekapiary.com/swarm%20trap%20use.htm



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