Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where's my spaceship?

I'm on vacation this week and I finished NaNoWriMo this morning so I spent the rest of the day playing Dr. Mario Online RX. I like the classic version because I loved the original Dr. Mario game. I'd beaten level 31 on low, 22 on medium and wanted to try high speed. It took loads of tries but I finally succeeded and was a little disappointed.

In the NES version you get little videos after beating each five levels and the final for the hardest level shows the viruses getting up in the top of a tree and being beamed away. You get somethig different with this game and I don't think it's as good.

But other than that this game is fantastic. You can send a demo to a friend who doesn't have it and you can play together, which is pretty snazzy. It costs 1000 points, which works out to ten dollars if you buy your points directly from Nintendo.



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