Thursday, December 11, 2008

Standing properly

I've had my Wii Fit since the end of August and I've made considerable improvements in several areas. The main reason I bought it is for balance as the damage to my brain makes me dizzy and wobbly often. I want to keep training myself to balance as much as possible so I make sure I do the two balance tests every day and try to get at least five minutes of balance games in every day.

One of the things I was very surprised to discover is that I treated my feet as though they were gone and only the heels remained. I always had my weight back on my heels and when I first started using my whole feet for the tests I felt like I was leaning forward, into a wind.

I'm now scoring pretty well on the body tests, often coming in fifteen years younger than my actual age. That's pretty exciting.

A couple of years ago, when Neil Gaiman was touring for Fragile Things, I remember particularly because I went to the urgent care on the way home from a reading and signing, I was falling so much I damaged my wrist. I would get up in the night to use the bathroom and fall, catching myself against the wall with my hand flat, huring the wrist. I had to wear a brace when I slept for a long time. But no more. I'm that much more stable. And that makes me quite happy.

Thank you Shigeru Miyamoto.



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