Saturday, May 09, 2009

Who would you take to a deserted island?

An interesting tweet from Barry Lyga today asking what two YA characters we would take when we're exiled to a desert island and why. My answer is here.

I chose the protagonists from the Hunger Games and from Scott Westerfeld's awesome Uglies series. (I've commented about both of these at my Quality Time column if you're interested.) Not coincedentally both of these books/series rank up at the top of my list of much loved books. If you're going to be stuck with very little company you're going to want to get along with that company.

But even more importantly these girls, Katniss and Tally, both know how to survive adversity and are creative problem solvers. While it might sound romantic to be cast away with hunk or babe a, you really need to be more practical. Starvation, cold and exposure isn't exactly conducive to romance so I'm going to pick people who know what the hell they're doing and hope that my medical and other knowledge will help me pull my weight.



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