Thursday, March 31, 2011

Closing a ton of links - a ton!

I'm two weeks into my intensive eight week classes and I'm doing well but I am severely pressed for time. Script Frenzy starts in a few minutes and I'm not sure if I can squeeze the time in to do it. I have been writing at least one script a year since 2000 and I'd hate to miss it. But...

I've piled up a bunch of links since my last post so without further ado:

The top story in the above link, about the barricaded person, has robots and swords, a can't miss combo. Someone in the comments was complaining yesterday that too many police responded to the incident, which I find quite strange. Take as many as you need. Nobody died and that's the important thing.,19798/

Did you know at least fourteen different types of animals, including mountain goats, crawl on you while you sleep?

My dream is coming true. I'm getting a tiny giraffe.

Nedroid comic I can totally identify with.

The FBI is looking for people who are good with codes to help them solve a murder. I would love to see a psychological analysis of the comments for this post. So many people who don't realize the notes were written by the victim and are making crazed killer translations. Creepy.

How carrots became a fast food. Very interesting marketing campaign.

I think that's it for now. I've run out of time. Sigh.



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