Sunday, March 06, 2011

It's Got a Kick like a Brontomerus

I enjoyed this article about a new dinosaur discovery; a big fellow with super strong thighs. None of the other dinosaurs tried to waylay him in an alley as he could kick the crap out of any attackers.

tweeted about this poem not too long ago. It was considered so obscene that it took about 1800 years for most collections of his poetry to translate the entire thing. Some editions edit out so much that all that left is the part about delicate verse. Too funny for words.

And finally this dog from the Victorian age looks a lot like my Akita.

The dog in the pic can't be an Akita or even an Akita cross as they didn't come to the US or the UK until 1937. Helen Keller brought the first one to the US.

Looking through various Victorian themed tumblrs is often surprising. I expected most of the dogs to be mutts, especially since animals were not spayed or neutered at the time. Instead most of the pictures I see are of dogs that look like purebreds. And it's not that I'm only looking at pics of wealthy people; all classes are represented in the images I'm looking at.

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