Saturday, March 05, 2011

Freak Accident

This press release from my county police department discusses two freak accidents, one fatal. The not fatal accident is pretty amazing. The driver of the car had a kind of domino effect, but not the normal kind you get in traffic. These cars were parked and apparently there was some distance between them. There was also a house involved.

The driver is in stable condition, thankfully. I hope they have excellent insurance because one of the cars is a brand new Toyota. There were four cars involved plus the house, plus the cost of medical care at Shock Trauma. This is going to be a very expensive accident.

Have you checked your policy lately? I switched companies a few years ago and wasn't told I had only thirty thousand worth of coverage. That doesn't even cover a fancy SUV, much less any of the other charges that can crop up. You might want to make sure you have the coverage you thought you did.



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