Saturday, May 28, 2011

Trials and Travails

Earlier this week I was right in the middle of writing a post about Valve was giving away volume one of Portal two soundtrack when I stopped to open a bottle of soda. Normally I don't drink the stuff but it can help ward off migraines, which are always brought on by thunderstorms, so I'd asked Cam to grab one for me on his way home.

The bottle had been sitting for more than hour but when I opened it, holding it well away from my computer, it exploded and soaked my great-grandmother's antique waterfall nightstand, my computer and a breathing machine. Good times. The laptop stayed on for about thirty seconds before shorting out.

The computer was only a few months old. I got it in October. Super sad sigh.

I have been using Drop Box to back up my docs so it's not a total loss but still majorly depressing, not to mention expensive.

I sent it off today to see if it can be repaired. Hopefully the hard drive is okay.

Then we bought an auger and Cullen fixed his bathroom drain, which was blocked for both the shower and the sink. Once he cleared it water started draining through the ceiling downstairs, so that was fun too.

Luckily it was a beautiful day and I spent a bunch of time in the yard, under my weeping something tree, with my Akita. We were out there so long he actually wanted to come back in the house and has been asleep ever since we came in.

I managed to read more of James Joyce's Ulysses than I ever have before, which isn't saying all that much. I find it's easier to read if I think of it as an enormous poem.



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