Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Another Dog Shooting in Severn

Sad news out of Severn where another dog has been shot. This one was on the leash when an off leash dog approached and the two fought. Most of the people walking the dogs were kids and the off leash dog owners went for help, returning with their parents. The dad was armed and shot the leashed dog.

Why did this person think that shooting the dog, while kids were there, was the thing to do? I can't imagine. The injured dog was taken to the vet but she succumbed to her injuries. The other dog is in custody at animal control.

Sad and sounds like the whole thing could have been avoided. Our county has pretty strict leash laws.

Another dog was shot and killed in Severna Park, after entering a man's yard. He drew his gun from the holster and shot it when it was about ten yards away. He was arrested I believe.



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