Thursday, June 02, 2011

I love this so much

Someone who is bitter and unhappy over their friends' good fortune writes in for advice and gets an amazing answer that really gets to the heart of privilege. I especially like this part:

You might, for example, be interested to know that the word prestigious is derived from the Latin praestigiae, which means conjuror’s tricks. Isn’t that interesting? This word that we use to mean honorable and esteemed has its beginnings in a word that has everything to do with illusion and deception and trickery. Does that mean anything to you, Awful Jealous Person? Because when I found that out, every tuning fork inside of me went hum. Could it be possible that the reason you feel like you swallowed a spoonful of battery acid every time someone else gets what you want is because a long time ago—way back in your own very beginnings—you were sold a bill of goods about the relationship between money and success, fame and authenticity, legitimacy and adulation?



At 10:08 PM, Blogger Georgiana said...

I forgot to say that when she said the part about root of prestigious I said "prestidigitation, the art of magic" and also thought of the terrific movie The Prestige, also about magic and deception.


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