Sunday, April 24, 2005

Fun with colour

I am very pleased to say that I noticed today that my colour sense is much better since this last spinal tap. When I bought that beautiful Hill House edition of American Gods I was saddened to hear that the case is a purple that I could no longer see. It looked like a sort of dried blood to me, a colour that I used to make fun of when I worked at Maryland Renn Fest, but I digress.

I looked at it today and it is purple. In fact it's beautiful. I'm very happy with it.

Then I looked at a new page I will be using for part of my job and this one button is a violent shade of red that is like sticking pins in my eyes, painful and makes me dizzy. My boss said I could specify exactly what shade I wanted so I went here and played around a bit. I settled on 0fa84e, a green that is very soothing to me.

Now the page lets you try both background and foreground colours and I was extremely interested to see that as I changed the foreground colour the background "faded out" an expression I have for when I look at certain colours and they just go away, they bleed out and get duller and duller and turn into this really odd shade that I can't quite describe. The sensation is that they have actually slipped into another dimension and are now out of my range of vision. It's very queer. The cover of the screenplay book that came with my preferred author subscription does the same thing. It's like it's a colour I can't quite grasp.

I wonder what it means that a perfectly ordinary colour can become one of these vanishing colours when the right hue is contrasted with it. Whatever it may mean it's interesting.


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