Monday, April 11, 2005

Accidentally in love

It's a bad week when I don't fall in love at least two or three times, or as Kevin says, once really hard. I am so easy when it comes to writing that moves me. In the wrapup for last week I fell in love with Teresa of Making Light (see the post below where I talk about neurological deficits and link to a wonderful post of hers), Steven King again for Hearts in Atlantis, Jon Carroll for the Unitarian Jihad and several warmbloods doing various combined training events.

Things are off to a really great start this week already. I just fell head over heels for MrSpittle for his post in this thread where he is looking for a job:

OK, here's the deal: I want to work from home. I don't want to have to work very hard let alone very long for any given period of time. I don't want to answer the phone or return calls. All I need to maintain my lifestyle is about 10K net a month but will settle for 9K. I really don't like answering to someone but I will on the first Wednesday of every month. After that, I'm off limits. I want a business where the customer is always wrong and I am always right, because I am...

W00t! It goes on from there and just gets better. Yeah yeah it is an old thread so what.

And in other news I fell in love with my family doctor when she said that if I got a terrible low pressure headache after my spinal tap on Wednesday she would call in some pain killers for me. She doesn't think they will help at all but she will try. She also said that I had better make sure they will let me stay at the hospital and lay flat for eight hours post lumbar puncture so I'm calling tomorrow. So many things to set up!

And on still other news I went to the Target with Chris and didn't throw up until we got into the parking lot so that was all right.

I yelled at some guy. There was this young chick staring at me in several places in the store. She had such the look of disgust on her face. Maybe I wasn't looking too hot as I was trying not to vomit (maybe I should have just let it fly on her...) but really I am not so odd looking that someone should be staring at me like I am a flying cockroach.

When I got up to the checkout she was glaring at me again and a guy was standing next to her. They were both in their mid teens and pouty. Then a woman turned to them and showed them something and said "I got this for you" and the guy said "What the fuck do you want me to do about it?"

I pointed at him and yelled "Don't you give your mother attitude." I was really expecting a huge uproar, maybe even from mom but instead he looked really abashed and shocked and didn't say another word until they got out of the store. Man I should have made him tell his mom thank you.


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