Wednesday, April 06, 2005

David, line breaks are your friends

Somehow I just ended up at David Duchovny's blog in support of his new film House of D.

One of the reasons I dig David is because the first I ever heard him say was a scathing diatribe against The Bridges of Madison County. I wish I could remember the exact quote. It ran in Entertainment Weekly and it was something about how the book was anti-literary, anti-romance, anti everything. Or maybe pseudo (my word!) but the whole point is that he was not taken in by the common belief that this book was the Next Coming of the Romance World and Waller was the Last Cowboy (let us worship at his booted feet) and he knew it was no good and not a romance.

Lots of people are billed as smart. Freaking Dan "DaVinci Code" Brown is billed as smart, heavens knows why, and lots of times I think oh yeah, whatever.

Usually it's the ones who don't get the smart praise who catch my eye. Someone with a great turn of phrase showing an odd twist of mind and catch me, I'm in love again.

Well Mr. Duchovny certainly lived up to his reputation as far as I could tell.

And now here we are, years later, I'm a little more brain damaged than I used to be, and he's what? What happened David? Why did you give up on capital letters and spelling words like San Francisco out? Why hast though forsaken the line break? Why David, why?

When you have a disease like pseudotumor the only way to read anything and not get a worse headache or throw up is to read black on white with lots of little chunked up paragraphs. It really helps to have nice big font also.

(Disclaimer - everyone's pseudotumor is different, some people see just fine, some never throw up and some can apparently read just about anything. Everyone's mileage varies greatly. )

All of this is one reason I was not able to read Making Light for such a long time. The CSS coding made it impossible to make the text larger in IE. Of course now that I am using Firefox I can get around it and now that Andras has supplied me with this beautiful laptop I can balance it on my tummy as I recline like a nearsighted queen and peer at the screen until I can't take it anymore. Teresa's blog is worth the aggravation. But I digress.

David, as long as you are going to write great big blurts of all lowercase text with no line breaks the only way I will be able to read your posts is to copy into a document and fool around with it. Can you imagine me and a gazillion other people doing the same thing? What a waste of man hours.

I'm going to leave you with two words David, learn them, live them and please remember I say all this not just because I am a selfish bitch but also because if I have enough of a problem to complain about it then there are many others who just give up at first sight of your blog and that's not going to help make your movie a hit is it? Right, so learn them and live them.

User Friendly.


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