Sunday, September 21, 2008

No idea what this means

I've gotten into the habit of putting a lot of notes at the end of whatever I'm writing. Sometimes they say things like "Go back and rewrite all the parts with the bears before page 173." That's to keep me from editing as I go. When I do that I don't finish things.

Sometimes I put bits of dialogue or events that need to happen. Recently I put this at the very bottom of the notes for the German Shepard Dog book I've been writing for the last few months:

That cat is not in my book!

I remember it's meant to be dialogue but who says it or why I've got no idea. I imagine it was something that was supposed to happen when I started writing the next day but that's all I've got. There's no book in my book so I don't know. I wonder if I'll ever remember.



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