Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A few thoughts

Did I mention Cam has whooping cough? Yes, he got his DPT when he was a kid, but the immunity only lasts for ten years or so. There are loads of teenagers getting it, enough that Cam's pediatrician's office is now giving boosters to teens. My doctor also saw an adult that she suspected of having it last week, so if you have a cough that is absent, then makes you cough until you throw up, or makes your throat completely close up, possibly to the point where you faint, you might want to talk to your doctor about the possibility of whooping cough.

Tim Roth has a new show that started today. I haven't seen it yet. I recorded it but I was thinking about how much I loved him in Dark Water. I would love to see a film just about that attorney character. He was so interesting.

I just started reading Three Cups of Tea. It's been awhile but I used to read quite a few books about mountain climbing. In fact I read so many I started having nightmares about trying to summit Everest...



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