Monday, January 19, 2009

Shoddy, sloppy journalism

This kind of story infuriates me. The headline is "Winslet: I'm confusing DiCaprio with my husband" - the kind of thing I usually ignore because it's so dumb, but because I like Kate Winslet quite a lot (she was hilarious in Extras and v. touching when she won two Golden Globes last week) I wanted to see what she actually said. And what she actually said is "feels more like my husband than my real husband, I have to say. I'm talking about him so much!"

That's completely different from confusing him with her husband.

Years ago, way back when I only had one child, so at least twenty years ago, I played Mrs. Frederick Douglass. Our final scene was his death on New Year's, where he came home from a suffragettes meeting and died in my arms. The gentleman who played Mr. Douglass was a favorite actor of mine and the whole experience was fantastic. So fantastic that whenever anyone mentions Frederick Douglass my first thought is, oh yes, my poor dear husband who died so tragically and suddenly. And I'm perfectly aware that he wasn't really, and that he never really died in my arms. It's part of my acting method to do a lot of research on the other characters in any part and spend a lot of time thinking about our lives together.

At no time have I ever confused Mr. Douglass with my actual ex-husband. That would be ridiculous.

Badly done, author of the article, badly done.



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