Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tell me something I don't know

Today BBC News published an entirely unsurprising article stating that compression stockings don't seem to be effective at preventing blood clots.

The Edinburgh team studied over 2,500 stroke patients in the UK, Italy and Australia.

All received routine care, including aspirin and assisted exercise, and half were offered surgical stockings as well.

After 30 days there was no significant difference in the blood clot rate in the two groups.

However, the group given stockings experienced more skin breaks, ulcers and blisters than those without.

Have you ever had to wear the wretched things? The pair I had made bruised my legs from thigh to ankle, which can't be healthy. I've got enough problems with iron deficiency without deliberately doing something that's going to cause more bleeding.

I will say they seem to be effective at helping with the symptoms of post thrombotic syndrome so it's not like they're completely useless but I loathe them.



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