Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not ready for Christmas

I am so not ready for Christmas. Half of my presents are coming from another country and aren't here yet. I haven't wrapped any of the ones that are here and I haven't done my grocery shopping yet. I guess I'm heading out tomorrow after work to get groceries.

In the meantime I'm dismayed by the story about Laura Dekker who wants to sail around the world solo and is being prevented by her government, which is now apparently dragging her home from the Carribean. Last I heard the plan was to remove her from her father and possibly put her in foster care.

What's especially weird about this story is that if she were pursuing almost any other sport she'd be getting massive encouragement. Fourteen year olds who want to swim in the Olympics or do gymnastics or speed skate aren't taken away from their parents for pursuing their dream. Every sport has its dangers (I know of what I speak - I paid medical claims for years) and I'm not really clear on where or why the authorities are drawing the line. I say let her go for it. She's going to be miserable if she can't.


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